China Smart Expo 2015 - 2016

Press release

No need to travel to China for a good business opportunity,
China comes to you!


The three-day long China Smart Expo exhibition, fair and conference has been a great success from the very beginning, the event is now of regional importance.
Visitors and business leaders, decision-makers from Hungary and the surrounding countries had the opportunity to meet face to face with Chinese manufactures and suppliers dealing with hi-tech products, enabling all parties to start discussion on cooperation and negotiate promising business opportunities.


China Smart Expo 2016 is currently the largest regional occasion for most advanced Chinese companies to venture into the Central- and East European region,, which opened up to the public in the Budapest Experience Center, the China Mart located in the 15th district of Budapest..

It has now been the 5th event in a row, where over 200 Chinese companie have put on show their latest hi-tech products, ranging from well known worldwide brands like Aigo, Hanvon, Haier to cutting-edge companies engaged in renewable energy industry.

A wide variety of companies coming from the largest economy of the world have been seeking for long-term business cooperation and even partnership with Hungarian and Central_European companies, but were absolutely open for discussions of possible distribution channels as well as other relevant topics.

“Much prior to the expo a great number of scheduled business meetings were booked online by Hungarian and Chinese businessmen” – said Sandor Toth, Marketing Manager of the event, to Piac&Profit magazine. “Meetings have been assisted by interpreters to help overcome language barriers” – highlighted the expert. After the event numerous Chinese companies have opened up showrooms in the Experience/ProjectCenter, exhibiting their samples and showing their longterm commitment.

“Any and all businessmen and companies that couldn’t visit the expo are not left out” – said Sandor Toth. “CECZ Group (Central-European Trade&Logistics Cooperation Zone) is determined to help build Hungarian and Chinese business cooperation and partnerships. Those who register on our Long Term Partnership Form ( online will be aided to find the appropriate Chinese supplier by our experienced colleagues” – highlighted the Marketing Manager. “We do our utmost to help the right match-making, as already for some of the 15 000 registered companies and we're are also at hand to help those interested with financing and logistics solutions to attain their business goal”.


The Experience Center at China Mart has been serving as an exhibition center for over a decade. It is by now housing showrooms spreading over 43,000 square meters and also headquarters several successful Hungarian and international companies.

All visitors -regardless whether businessmen or individuals interested in Chinese products- are welcome to visit our Project Center showrooms that present some outstanding Chinese provinces and cities (like Shandong, Hebei, Guangxi, Shanghai, Ningbo, Linyi, etc.) and a wide array of products, on display on 10,000 square meters:

We provide the market platform for a successful negotiation, where business partners have the opportunity to discuss distribution or even representation of brands or OEM manufacturing with regional players in the specific industry.


The Project Center is a showroom system that is designed to continue periodical exhibitions throughout the year to serve all those interested. Many Chinese word-famous brands like Aigo, Hanvon, Dantang, Lenovo, Hiesense, Haier and numerous mid-size Chinese brands are represented here, where any visitor can browse through the general information of the companies in our database, comprising former exhibitors and their product assortment.

Our experienced colleagues are at your assistance to find the appropriate Chinese supplier for your business, help make the first contact and provide inital support with foreign trade transactions as well as recommend professional logistics services.

You are most welcome to pay a visit to our Project Center and get a glimpse and feeling of China!